Hashtag Collective


About Us

Born in 2012 in the leafy suburbs of North London, Hashtag Collective entered the fashion industry with an aim of breathing a fresh lease of life into menswear clothing.

Hashtag Collective caters for the male who takes pride in his appearance.  Hashtag Collective and its collective of young energetic founders infuse a quality product and personal service with a touch of fun and a feel of luxury.


The Hashtag Experience

From the website to our package arriving at your doorstep we aim to make our customers feel special and above all provide them with a garment that allows them to stand out from the crowd and be noticed; after all men need pampering too.

Each Hashtag Collective garment is carefully hand selected and packaged in our sleek, luxury and bespoke Hashtag Collective boxes.


The Hashtag Emblem

The Hashtag emblem represents strength, confidence and individualism.
 2014 sees the launch of the first collection "Essence of London" – a range of classic t-shirts designed by Olly Howe. 


The Hashtag Foundation

Whilst fashion is at the forefront of every aspect we are involved in, it is not the sole purpose for our existence. Hashtag Collective donates a percentage of its sales to Charity each year.